Custom Car Window Tinting: How To Make Your Ride Stand Out

Tinting your car windows in Dothan, AL with custom-made tinting is an excellent way to give your vehicle style and privacy. It not only adds an aesthetic enhancement but also blocks harmful UV rays. We will show you how to make your car stand out using custom car window tinting.

Select the right tint

First, choose the right tint for your car. There are many types of tint films, including metalized, dyed, and ceramic. Different types of films offer different levels of heat rejection, ultraviolet protection, and glare mitigation.

The most affordable and common option is dyed films. These films offer basic heat rejection and glare mitigation, but they can fade and discolor with time. They are stronger and more resistant to heat, but can also interfere with electronic signals.

Ceramic films are the most expensive and advanced option. Ceramic films offer the highest levels of heat rejection, UV protection, and glare reduction without interfering with electronic signals. They are also more durable than other types.

Take into consideration the Shade

Next, you need to decide on the shade of tint. You can choose the shade that you want to tint your car. This will determine how much light enters and how much privacy it offers. The most popular shades are 5% to 20%, 35% to 35%, and 50%.

5% tint (also known as Limo Tint) offers the best privacy and light transmission. To block out the view from the outside, it’s often used on rear windows.

20 percent tint provides moderate privacy and light transmission. It is commonly used on the side and rear windows of cars.

35% tint provides a better level of visibility and light transmission. It is commonly used on the side and front windows of cars.

The highest visibility and light transmission is achieved with 50% tint. To comply with local laws, it is commonly applied to the car’s front side windows.

Select a professional installer

To ensure high-quality custom car window tinting, you need to have the right skills and experience. A professional installer should have the right tools and knowledge to properly install tint film. An experienced installer will help you select the best tint for your vehicle and make sure that it is installed smoothly.

Custom car window tinting can add style and privacy to your vehicle. You can make your car stand out on the road by choosing the right tint film shade and working with professionals. Why wait? Get your car tinted today to enjoy a more stylish and cooler ride.

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